Payment Options

#2 heating oil is priced to the customer in one of three ways:

  • The customer can opt to follow the market price to buy your oil.  Your price will follow the market up and down.  A discount of $.10 per gallon is available if your bill is paid within 5 days.  This plan is available on a "pay as you go" basis or on a budget payment plan that lets you make twelve equal monthly payments over the year.

  • Cap Price - Your price will rise only as far as the stated contract price.  If the market price goes down, then your price falls also.  The budget payment plan is available for this option, if desired.

  • Fixed Price - You pay one price for your #2 oil during the winter.  Your consumption is estimated for the coming heating season and you buy a specified amount of heating oil at an agreed price.  The dollar amount is prepaid in advance.


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